Gary Bixler
Is Your Channel Program Working?
Your channel is your lifeblood. But your channel
partners work with dozens of vendors on a daily basis.
How do you get mindshare? How do you get real
engagement? Can you really build loyalty? It is not
easy, but it can be done. And I have been building
programs that do it for almost 20 years. Now I am
ready to help your company do the same. I am not a
large consulting agency, just one guy who has been
there and done that many times - and is excited to do
it again with your team.

Areas of Expertise
* Building truly global partner program frameworks with the regional flexibility to work
* Designing effective partner tiering and segmentation methodologies
* Consolidating multiple partner programs across product lines and businesses
* Crafting engagement strategies that are effective for you, and relevant to the partners
* Simplifying programs that have grown complex after years of ad-hoc bolt-ons
* Utilizing new technologies like mobile apps and social networking to engage partners

So whether you need a brand new channel program built from scratch, or you have a
decades old channel program that is in desparate need of a makeover, drop me a line and
together we will take your channel program to the next level.

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